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Synergi Fitness is a place where the member feels totally comfortable and at home. Where the staff have more than just a client/employee relationship, the team are invested in the success of each and every person that comes through the door. That success is defined by the clients goals, whether they be ambitious or relaxed, they will be supported and encouraged by the strong supportive community of trainers, clients and members.


Personal Training

We offer a variety of Personal Training structures and packages. Find out more about us and get in touch if we can help you!

The guys made sure I stayed fit and strong through my pregnancy! They gave me appropriate sessions for where I was each day and this helped me stay motivated and happy with my training regime.
— Jess B
Josh gave me a program to build my chest and improve my bench press. We trained once a week together to make sure my technique and progress was developing as planned! The results have been great and we’ve since worked through 4 other program phases together.
— Ben T
I’ve been training with James for over 7 years now. He has helped me balance out my office based lifestyle to be able to stay in better shape without needing the gym to take over my life.
— Simon T

Check out the gym!

We run a Personal Training studio in Bristol City Centre which also supports a limited off peak membership. If you’re looking for a place to workout during the day, want to work with a PT or are a trainer looking for space to train your clients then we’re the right place for you!


Need a Program or workout? Look no further!